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I'm Kaja; I've always been interested in anything creative.

Right now I'm in high-school, and I've been creating since I was born. Ever since I was little I have loved making art. Granted, it helps to have a mom that's an art teacher. Our house was one that had markers under everything. My parents did not discourage Sharpies, in fact, my little brother always carried one around with him in his pocket. It's no surprise that the first time I remember making money I was eight. My mom had me set up beside her table of jewelry with a box of face paints. It was Christmas and I used the money I earned to buy gifts for my brothers. After that, I sort of started a little business. I sold Ale-8 bottle cap earrings (you won't know what that is unless you're from Kentucky,) pottery and stuffed animals. I had enough hobbies to last me a lifetime. 

Until face painting came back, I had taken a class with someone who had made her living off of face painting near the end of eighth grade. I started doing more with face painting and decided that I could start my own business face painting. My family was very supportive. My mom especially helped me a lot with starting my business as she had started one herself. Now here I am, fourteen and ready to paint.


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